Selected projects

Below are examples of software I have designed, implemented and maintained. More are on the way.

Zen Gardener - Javascript / JQuery

The other monks had it large on the astral plane. You have to tidy up. Existence is suffering.

OpenCorporates - Python

Bots to scrape and transform data on financial licences from regulators' websites.

Routemaster - ProcessingJS

Interactive browser-based visualization of the London bus network.

Lord X of Y - Javascript

Geographical visualization of baronial titles in the House of Lords.

Journey/Meal Map - Javascript and RaphaelJS

Interactive SVG Tube map, also suitable for synaesthetes.

Going Underground - ProcessingJS

A browser-based game of every day awkwardness.

SpoonerismBot - Python and Twitter API

It sends your message back with silly wordplay.

Tablut - Javascript

A Viking board game in the twenty first century.

Robotfindskitten - Javascript

A zen simulation.