Lord X of Y

This interactive map shows the geographical make up of the House of Lords, based on members' titles. Peers are not elected to represent particular constituences but their titles may reflect where their political and cultural sympathies lie when they vote.

Use the arrow keys to move around the map and -/+ to zoom.

The map is populated from a JSON file, which I made using a python script to download and process the data. The interactivity is via Javascript. It is available under an MIT licence

Data sources

The list of members of the House of Lords was taken from TheyWorkForYou, including voting records and party affiliations. This was supplemented with further research.

Peers' profiles are taken from the first paragraph of their wikipedia pages.

Territorial designations were mapped to latitude/longitude using the Google Maps API. Where more than one Lord would occupy the same grid square, they have been spread out to the nearest available spaces. This may have produced errors, especially around the big cities.

Peers were then shown on the map as close as possible to their territorial domain, without overlapping. Peers were assigned locations in roughly alphabetical order, which leads to some strange results, especially around London.

All data as at 9 April 2015.